Resource Management

We propose flexible solutions that can easily fit into your organization’s IT business models. Our Resource management Solutions offer:

  • Migration & management of contractor base (on-boarding, timesheets, payments)
  • Reduce internal fixed costs
  • Introduce innovative pricing structures
  • Evolved Recruitment Methodologies

Under our engagement models, we work with our clients to enable them to have much or as little management of their contractor workforce as they require. Some of the pain points and drivers towards a Managed Service that we have seen within our clients have been.

  • Uncontrolled PSL / use of ad-hoc suppliers
  • Non-Standardised Margins across suppliers
  • Non-Standardised contractual terms and conditions across suppliers
  • Increased administrative burden in managing and controlling such a volume of suppliers
  • No fixed SLAs and KPIs
  • Non-Standardised Pay Rate Structure

In order to overcome some of these pain points and risks to our client’s businesses, our clients have selected us as their preferred Master Vendor.